Speaking of MySpace…

1 02 2008

This article about the complete and total uncoolness of being friended by your parents and other old people on MySpace amuses me. Mostly because some 13-year-olds recently made fun of me because I’m “a 30-year-old with a MySpace”.





4 responses

1 02 2008

Did you watch Growing Up Online last week? It covers a lot of the same ground.

1 02 2008
Luigi Cappel

As long as you are not on Bebo, it’s all good. I’m on MySpace and much older than you:)

6 02 2008

My mom got a Facebook account at my request, and I like being her friend!

6 02 2008

I noticed that your mom left you a facebook message, but she’s also very, very cool, and we’re also not 16.

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