LibraryThing is tricky

6 04 2008

I just added my 200th book to LibraryThing. Yea, celebrate, party party. But now the fun is over. When I tried to add my 201st book, I was denied. A message informed me that free membership only includes 200 books. Only 200 books! I read 200 books in the last year and a half!

If I want to continue to add books, it will cost $10 for a yearly membership. They’ve got me good now (shakes fist angrily), because there’s no way I’m going to retype my 200 books into another program. You’ve foiled me again, Web 2.0!





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7 04 2008

Hey. This is Tim, the LibraryThing guy. (This showed up on Google Blog Search.) First, we *do* make this clear on the home page. But if you didn’t see it and feel foiled, send me your user name and I’ll upgrade you. (timspalding on LibraryThing)

7 04 2008
Sarah Dribin

Oooh…not bad. You got Tim Spalding to respond…He’s, like, a celebrity in our little corner of the world.

Also, you can pay $25 for a lifetime membership. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

8 04 2008

Tim, thanks, but I’m willing to take full responsibility for my inattention to detail. I love LibraryThing. I don’t want to be that guy that complains just to get something really cool for free.

8 04 2008
Sorry LibraryThing « Librarian in Training

[…] 8 04 2008 I have to admit I feel pretty lame because after I wrote my previous post about LibraryThing charging a yearly fee, I decided to actually look into what this fee thing was […]

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