My HTML Web site

12 04 2008

I created a Teen Gaming Web site using HTML for my LIS753 class. The site includes a homepage with general information, a Gaming in the Library page, a Links to Online Games page, and a permission form (PDF).

I started off with a very simple page, and as the hours passed during lab time, I stole ideas from my friends and neighbors. My original idea was to put my links on the left side of the page, but when I started coding I wasn’t sure how to format a table within a table properly so I just put the links at the top. As I learned more about how tables work, I could have moved the links to the sidebar, but I decided I liked the look so I stuck with it. I think I ended up with something that looks sort of OK!

Some of the more interesting elements I used are a header from FlamingText (which includes what I consider to be a lovely shade of neon green), lots and lots of tables, and 35 breaks at the end of the page so that my anchors would actually take users someplace useful.

The number one thing this project has taught me is that I’m even more obsessive than I thought — once I start coding, it is possible, and in fact likely, that I will spend several hours hunched over the computer trying to figure out how to put my text in just the right place. Hmm, why can’t I feel my wrists? But the number two thing this project has taught me is knowing HTML code is like knowing a different language. Once you learn it, you can open other sites and understand how and why they work, and even speak the language to edit content when its necessary. Fun and useful!





5 responses

12 04 2008

Nice job, I love your flaming text and the picture of the dude rocking out, very cool! I totally sympathize with the obsessiveness factor. It’s amazing how quickly time passes when your trying to make the text look just how you imagine it.

13 04 2008

Laura, I kept peeking at your page all the way from the back of the room – that top banner image really stands out and I really like it! I also like your calendar – I’ll have to look at your code to see how yours came to look so nice because I tried to do the same thing.

By the way, I liked Eccleston too – but I much prefer him in villain roles! Like in Shallow Grave and Elizabeth 🙂

13 04 2008
Teresa Gerardi

I love your site. It is awesome! I really like the Flaming Text.

13 04 2008
Anthony Molaro

Mad props! What a wicked site. I love yahoo games – Euchre fan myself. The design is very intuitive!

13 04 2008
Carrie Straka

The banner is great! The images really compliment the flaming text. Nice job!

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