My post for LIS 724

10 07 2008

This blog was born during the Spring of 2008 as part of my Internet Fundamentals and Design class. I chose this template because it has a clean look and I like the black, white and green colors. I also like that you can change the photo at the top. I picked a fuzzy ball with googly eyes partly because googly sounds like Google, and that made me chuckle. Library humor. What can I say?

I enjoy writing on my blog, but its way too easy to forget that others are also reading it. Once, I created a post complaining about a fee for LibraryThing. I was very surprised when someone from LibraryThing commented on my post. I felt pretty silly about that one.




2 responses

11 07 2008

It is always fun when an actual organization/website comments on your blog! 🙂

15 07 2008

I really enjoyed looking through your blog. Hadn’t heard about Twine before – sometimes just too much new info. If you’ve used it and like, possibly a final project?

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