3 02 2008

Check out this article about Twine, a new web-based application that could make it easier to index stuff online (websites, documents, emails, contacts…).

I haven’t used the application yet, but from what I understand, you can send pretty much anything to Twine and it will automatically tag the item into categories like people, places, and concepts. Rather than wondering “where did the email with the name of that great little Italian restaurant go?”, you can search Twine for it, and at the same time pull up the incredibly useful restaurant review web site you visited six months ago but completely forgot about. Another fun feature — it will make recommendations for further research based on what you twine.

It’s looks like it could be a kind of wiki for indexing the web, with regular people adding what they find useful so that others can use it as well. Your Twine could be private, shared with a few other people, or made public.

I’m on the wait list to try it out. Only 30,000 people ahead of me and then I’m in.



27 01 2008

Thanks for introducing me to the Monk Mashup, Teresa. I had a lot of fun making my own.