Speaking of MySpace…

1 02 2008

This article about the complete and total uncoolness of being friended by your parents and other old people on MySpace amuses me. Mostly because some 13-year-olds recently made fun of me because I’m “a 30-year-old with a MySpace”.



Post #2 — Online Privacy? Sure.

29 01 2008

When I started working as a youth services librarian last year, I changed my Myspace profile to private. The idea was I didn’t want the kids to find my photos — like the one of me and the beluga whale, for example — and a.) make fun of me (it hurts, OK?) or b.) draw horns and mustaches on them and then make fun of me (funnier, but still painful).

Unfortunately, I forgot one little problem with online privacy. It’s pretty much non-existent. I doubt the kids would actually care enough to try and hack pictures from my site, but this article at wired.com reminded me that nothing is private in cyberspace.

To sum up the article: Someone known as “DMaul” hacked into MySpace’s private profiles and stole a bunch of photos. Then DMaul made the photos available through Pirate Bay, a site for downloading pirated material. So far, 6,700 people have downloaded the file, which turned out to be a lot less exciting then they were hoping for (baby showers, weddings, anniversaries…).

I wouldn’t exactly die of embarrassment if my beluga whale shot circulated throughout the world. But the point is, there’s always someone who knows how to get your “private” information if they really want it. When asked why he stole the photos, DMaul said he was trying to prove the point that “it is ridiculous to think that there is privacy on public websites.”

Ouch. I am officially ridiculous. Definitely a learning moment for me that I intend to share with the social-networking teens at my library.